Care for the Homeless: “Housing and Work” Project


With a new legislative regulation (Law No 4756 / 2020, article 15), was approved the continuation of the programme  “HOUSING AND WORK” . The programme is aimed at individuals and families living in homeless conditions and in Municipalities with a population of over 100,000 inhabitants.

The beneficiary groups are: a) families and individuals hosted in Transitional Hostels and Bedrooms, b) families and individuals registered by the social services of the Municipalities as homeless living on the street or in unsuitable accommodation, c) women hosted in Hostels for Women Victims of Violence and do not have access to housing, d) persons who are accommodated in Hostels for Temporary Accommodation of Social Rehabilitation Units of Certified Therapeutic Programs of Dependent Persons of Laws of Law 4139/2013 and do not have access to housing.
The benefits and services of the program are: a) rent subsidy for 2 years, as well as coverage of expenses for household goods & other functional needs of the household, b) provision of psychosocial support services and connection with other social benefits and services, c) activation, training services and prioritization to acesss  work.
The Management and Monitoring of the programme has been assigned to the NILHR / EIEAD and for this purpose it will be financed with the necessary resourcs from the regular budget of the Ministry of Labour.
The programme will be implemented by the Local Authorities and the Legal Entities of Public Law, which are supervised by the General Secretariat of Social Solidarity. Partnerships will be formed with an Institutional Manager, which can be a Developmental Company of the Local Government or a Public Benefit Municipal Enterprise or Certified by the Ministry of Labour, which is proven to be active in providing services to the target group.