National Institute of Labour & Human Resources (N.I.L.H.R.)
Address: K. Palama 6-8, 111 41 Athens
Phone: (+30) 2102120700
Fax: (+30) 210 2285122

NILHR – EIEAD  (National Institute of Labour and Human Resources), is a legal entity under private law, supervised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and was established in 2011 by law Νο 3996/2011. NILHR – EIEAD is a tripartite governed organisation. In it’s adminitrative board participate equally the national social partners (the trade unions: GSEE  and the employers’ associations: SEV, GSEVEE, ESEE, SETE) toghether with  the Government:  Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs and the National Statistical Service It’s mission is to provide scientific documentation as well as managerial support to the Ministry of Labour  as regards it’s labour market and social policies in general. It also provides ad hoc advisory services to the supervising Ministry by organising, managing and implementing special projects and generally supports the policy measures of the Ministry and their documentation and magerial implementation.

During this period, NILHR is responsible for managing three major projects of the Ministry of Labour:

a) The Greek Programme (TEBA) of the Fund for the European Aid to the most Deprived (FEAD)

b) The scientific organisation, support and management of the national  Labour Market Diagnosis Mechanism (LMD)

c) The national social policy programme “Care for Homeless”

NILHR – EIAD is now preparing the organisation of a major national project, which refers to a  “Mechanism of Early Information of Business for Facing the Economic Crisis”

Also, NILHR – EIEAD provides  on a regular basis,  scientific documentation with its Annual Reports on Work and Employment, Thematic studies on Labour Market, Social Policies and Vocational Training  and other relevant issues.

NILHR – EIEAD has high-level spedialised scientific, managerial and administrative staff in terms of education and skills.